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CEAntigüedad 180 180


Certificate issued by acompetent technician indicating theage of the building or part, and the absence of disciplinary proceedings in urban.
They usually asks for titling, registration, legalizationetc.. of said building.

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 Antonia M Andreu

Valoraciones 180 180


We make your home real estate valuation and all typesof buildings and constructions, with appropriate valuation methods for each ofthe sectors of the property market;

Property valuation (market pricepurchase and sale).
Separate Property
Contradictory expert appraisal


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Tasaciones 180 180


We make your real estate appraisal or valuation of houses and all kinds of buildings and constructions, with appropriate valuation methods for each of the sectorsof the property market.

 Property valuation for mortgage market

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Contratos 180 180


Legally advise and accompany you in drafting and negotiations for the drafting and signing of contracts need particularly those related to sale-purchase, rent and rent to own real estate.

We have certified translators and interpreters that will ensure that you understand the terms contained in the contract.

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Inmobiliaria 180 180


Our professional staff analyzes the feasibility, business valuation buying, management procedures and legal requirements forcomprehensive and provide a service tailored to your needs.
With all the guarantees offered bya team of professionals with extensive experience in the sector.

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Reformas 180 180


In Serviciosfincas offer a service of housing reform in order to improve the quality and comfort, without losing sight of  styleand design suitable for your home.
Serviciosfincas offers a design team who provides counselingin decision making apreliminary visit to see the status of your home providing ideas and solutions that will enhance the initial project idea. Further measurements to performa proposed distribution will be taken.


CHabitabilidad 180 180


It consists of a document issued by a competent technician, Technical Architect, upon compliance with the designstandards of habitability and existing housing, currently in effect, stating the housing register reference.
We offervery attractive prices for obtaining certificates of occupancy and advise you of the documents requiredby your municipality, we can also take care of making arrangements for obtaining second occupation license.

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